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Talk with...Pio & Tito Toso

Pio & Tito Toso raccontano Blow

The art of working glass combined with the testing of processing techniques has always characterized the life of Pio & Tito Toso, venetian architects and designers; everything merges to a strong poetic power with the best lighting comfort.

"We love working with light. Light has infinite variations, it can paints the world with different nuances. Blow was born from this passion.”

What inspired the shape of Blow?
Our research leads us to merge a strong poetic charge with the best possible bright comfort.A work suspended between the rationality of human thought and the spontaneous, marvelous and true poetry of nature.

Where does the name of the lamp come from?
The name of the lamp comes from the simplest and most natural gesture, that of breathing, of blowing a soap bubble, Blow precisely. The transparency of the blown glass makes the lamp light, magical, like a soap bubble and allows the light inside to illuminate the room.

Did the Venetian territory inspire the creation of the lamp in any way?
Our grandfather had a glass factory, Fratelli Toso. He blew and designed objects and glass chandeliers. Our father has also designed different objects and lamps in blown glass. From an early age we have always "breathed" life in glassware and glass soon entered the heart and the head in a natural and spontaneous way. In glassworks we are confronted with five centuries of history of research, intelligence and experimentation carried out by the Murano glass masters. Experiments that have led to the maximum development of techniques that allow you to immediately express the transparency, colors and reflections of this magical material.

How is born the lighting concept of Blow?
The light follows you inside a bubble of pure crystal, like a child's play light plays with you. By magic it is drawn, I direct it as I want without touching it, like a chameleon's eye. Magnetic light that follows caresses moving through suspended, ether, opposing forces. Mysterious laws to play with.