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Talk with... Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid racconta Vapor

"Design has no borders or boundaries, it is like an intangible vapor that can reach places and people without constraints, without walls. "
Thanks to this concept Karim Rashid created Vapor, floor lamp with a design that captures the small details of everyday life, making them embrace futurism. He tells Vapor in this little interview:

How is born Vapor? The design for Vapor came from the feeling of radial propulsion, observing all these large air-conditioning units running in the summer everywhere in NYC. I liked the idea that the light is hidden and only penetrates out of the fins, and rotating the fins creates the illusion of movement. I am motivated by my desire to beautify the world through design. My objects are created to liven up space,  complimentary conditions, to move the eye and break up surfaces, to bring illusion or entropy, to embellish and give richness to surfaces and materials and objects. 
The shape was influenced by technology and by the human body. I call my work sensual minimalism, reductive but humanized. I mean that in certain objects I am using straight pure geometry but it is married with the organic together. 
We used metal to create the ribs in the vapor lamp for ease of form and production. I wanted to show that metal can be sculptural, poetic, ergonomic, fluid, sensual, warm, and very material.

How is born the name of the lamp?
I’m a believer that the world shouldn't have borders and boundaries at all. Could you imagine design that is made of intangible vapor- it is only virtual walls that protect us, other than that we have no structures, no doors, and no material. In all my work there is a notion of touching and communicating the day and age in which we live and in futurism.

You are known for using color. Why Vapor has a neutral one?
The form of Vapor is so strong yet ethereal that I wanted to keep the color choices simple. White is spiritual, reserved, sophisticated, and pure.  I use it to send a positive energy into the world. White makes me feel optimistic, angelic, and open-minded.