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Salone del Mobile 2017

Un nuovo modo di vivere lo stand

Ancient skills and craftsmanship skills are linked with experimentation, continuous research and innovations, along the road to the maintenance of pure Made in Italy.

Studio Italia Design presents 2017 new products at Salone del Mobile in Milan. A selection that reflects, in the material and cultural quality of the works presented, the essence of the company itself. An evolution towards architectural solutions where modern and innovative cutting-edge light sources, classic material and high quality metals come into synergy developed with efficiency, professionalism and attention to processing techniques. A distinctive feature where objects are not only intended as light sources but also as real furnishing accessories that with their transparencies, play of light and refractions make every kind of environment magical.

The image of Studio Italia Design is perfectly recreated in the Stand, in the colors and lines of the partition walls that accompany us to the discovery of products and new proposals 2017 creating a sensory journey full of lights and shadows all in a strict order and at the same time organic.

A path that does not stop only at the discovery, but is aimed at interaction where everyone can contribute and leave the sign of its passage allowing to recreate even a space where sociality and carefree are transmitted with the aim of not being just spectators but an integral part of Studio Italia Design.