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Talk with...Dima Loginoff

Designer of Nostalgia

The name was born from the album titled "Nostalgia" by Annie Lennox which Dima Loginoff heard while she designed this fixture.

From a host of concepts were found three right forms. Simple but with a retro style, in different colors: gold, silver, pink gold and transparent; modern and contemporary colors, glossy and refined that blend with vintage style giving any room a chic and trendy atmosphere, perfectly in line with today's styles.
The details and materials, used in their creation, characterize the influence of the Venetian context in which the company resides. Careful and high-quality workmanship of the glass reflects the ancient tradition of glass, in the soft and precious lines giving emotional appeal to the lamp. Small, medium, large and four different colors give the possibility to create and play with lamps, allowing customization of the compositions.

“I want to design something very elegant and simple, with a retro chic but same time very useful for modern interior.” – Dima Loginoff, design this creation and explains us what was the starting point and what has ispired him.
The inspirational idea wasn’t much about the shape. The basic point was - how to create just a three shapes and to make hundreds of variations for different spaces.
You may use all three shapes in one pendant or take a five same shapes hanging it in line - that would be absolutely two different styles! Same with the colors. I think the success of this collection is because the customers can play with Nostalgia creating many different variations. That was the inspiration - to create something very simple but with a wide range of choice.