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Altamura - Italia

This complete apartment renovation offers the opportunity to focus on both creativity and functionality.

The apartment is located in Altamura- Italy, the architects and designers wanted to recreate it with open spaces and a comfortable environments. It allows the owner to escape from the hustle and bustle of routine and makes the transition to a peaceful home perfectly.

"We have to recreate houses where people live well, both functionally and aesthetically "- SpaceLAB studio was entrusted with the work to express its convictions.

This charming apartment in Altamura achieves this goal by giving each room a dedicated style by connecting all the spaces by carefully chosen details.

Starting with the dining room and kitchen, they each use materials and warm colors. Wengé wood combined with white tones were chosen in key structures. Chromatic details also bring together the overall design by accessorizing objects throughout.
Studio Italia Design’s Kelly Series was chosen for the these areas. For the dining table a Kelly Dome was chosen in matte white matching the table, along with a pair of Kelly Cluster complimenting above the kitchen counter.
These fixtures are created by laser cutting the structure which allows for a unique lighting characteristic to occur offering elegance to the design.

The double bedroom continues the style of the apartment with a backlit headboard, upholstered in fabric with bright tracery that alternate in appearance to reproduce this play of light and geometric shapes. Two Puzzle Twist in Matte white have been chosen as well, these wall fixtures have adjustable capabilities allowing for the direction of the illumination to be fine-tuned.

Geometric shapes continue in the other double bedroom, soaked in character thanks to the round shaped bed with the wall painted a sky blue. The wall has been decorated with two light points using Puzzle Round, pairing with the circular shape of the bed.

The bathroom areas combine wood, patterned decorative tiles, furnishings and light fixtures. The Spider Suspension with its adjustability and beautiful glass lens gives grace to the interior.
This apartment is synonymous with style, tranquility and conviviality.
Balance between geometric shapes, light and elements of character allow escape from the daily hustle to take refuge in harmony.

Project and Photographs: Space Lab & Firme di Luce
Location: Altamura, Bari