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Talk with...Chia-Ying Lee

“A group of bubbles dancing freely in the wind.” This is how Chia-Ying Lee interprets her “Random”, pendant lamp presented at Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan.

Three spherical blown glass diffusers create an unconvientional design. Here the designer reveals how is born her design.

What has inspired its shape?
Bubbles. A group of bubbles dancing freely in the wind is the image coming in my head at the beginning of the project. But there are rational reasons behind this. To make an interesting modular system there has to be a simple way for people to arrange the light and get good results quickly. So I was looking for a basic unit which is interesting by itself and gives large variations when grouped together. After some experiments I found this formation fit the description. As for the shape of individual globe, I went back to the simplest shape, sphere, since there are already complex things going on with the modular concept of the light.

Why the choice of these materials?
Transparency is an unique visual element we achieved with the right combination of materials: LED and Glass. Glass makes the globe light enough to be hung with thin wires. By using LED we can make tiny boards for globes that hide from the sight and still emit enough light. Then we are able to create the clean visual of transparent globes. And this transparency gives the light a weightless feeling that goes with the atmosphere of the lamp.

How is born the name of the lamp?
This project just interprets the concept of randomness from different perspectives and I hope people enjoy a creation by chance and maybe this little fun in the daily life would inspire something better for them.

What inspired the idea of atmosphere and lights made from the lamp?
It is really hard to tell whether the material we use leads to this atmosphere, or I was drawn to the atmosphere and chose the material subconsciously. But floating things always have this aura of freedom surrounding them which I am fond of and would like to capture as much as possible.