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...has chosen Studio Italia Design to light up its House

Studio Italia Design is synonymous with Made in Italy. Thanks to new processing techniques, design, precious materials and exclusive collaborations, unique and ingenious luminaries are created: by form, content, aesthetics and functionality.

This year a selection of Studio Italia Design has been chosen by the well-known Italian reality show Grande Fratello. The show is based on the Dutch Big Brother format that sees the protagonists (everyday men and women) coexist in the house (redesigned every edition) while spied on 24 hours a day by cameras.

Illuminating the dining room table is the Nostalgia with a rectangular composition of 14 lights. A unique lamp chosen in rose gold finish to illuminate and embellish the most convivial moments in an Italian home.

On the veranda we the find the Maggio with its evocative lighting effects that resemble branches intersected with each other, like spontaneous and lush vegetation.

A row of Sugegasas, in a transparent smoky finish, is illuminating the makeup area providing the bright light this space requires thanks to a multifaceted surface creating countless lighting effects.

Finally, the editors could not resist the elegance of the Kelly Sphere, with its simple and timeless design, selected in a white finish for the sleeping area.

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