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Pure White and Crystal Finish

Bianco Puro e Cristallo

Minimal design: how to make it less cold and more welcoming?

Interior designer Dekany Annamaria thought how decorate this private house in Budapest, Hungary.

In this home, white colour is dominant: a minimal style characterized by clean lines where walls, table and doors giving even more largeness to the spaces.
Minimal and black details are left only for furnishing elements, such as the fireplace. To embellish this area, She has chosen three single suspensions of Nostalgia Glass Large in Crystal finish, wider in the central part in order to give body but at the same time lightness to the composition.

The chrome metal structure of this pendant lamp designed by Dima Loginoff holds the LED light source, which produces a warm light that becomes slightly visible once lit. The reflective element of the glass remains constant, yet changes with the advent of the light that peers through the glass.

Project: Dekany Annamaria, Interior Design
Location: Budapest, Hungary